Directory count display




On the toolbar, it shows how many images are in the current directory and which number is selected. “1/5″ means the selection is number one out of five images in the directory.


To set a custom directory index, type a number into the box. The viewer will open that image.


For multipage images, this gives the page location and number of pages. “1/5″ means page one of five.



Use the mouse or SHIFT+T to jump into the edit field.


Change the text and press Enter to cause an action. Possible values:


· X or X/Y = load file number X, from current folder
· page X or page X/Y = load page number X, if multipage file
· Text/pattern: filter files from current folder, using file patterns.


*.jpg = filter/get JPGs only
cat*.jpg = filter/get all JPGs starting with “cat”
cat* = filter/get all files starting with “cat”


After using patterns, press F5 or U (update = refresh) to get the default/original directory file list.


Directory count display