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Enable color management: some JPG/TIF files are saved with an embedded color profile and this option will use the profiles. You can set the current monitor profile set in your Windows display settings, or set a custom ICC/ICM file.

If you activate Apply also for images without embedded color profile, color management will be used for ALL (!) loaded images, which makes the loading much slower.

You can apply the profile to the original colors only if the LCMS PlugIn is installed.

Note: the color profiles make the image loading much slower.


Show PNG/TGA/DDS alpha/transparent color: Some PNG/TGAs and DDSs are saved with transparency color or alpha channel. The image areas defined with the alpha channel can be shown with this option with the color of the main window of IrfanView.


Show embedded TIF Annotations: For TIFs created using Wang/Kodak Imaging: the saved text annotations can be showed in the image.


Dither 24 BPP images on 16 BPP displays: Click this, if you want better displaying of the true color images, if you have 65536 colors under your Windows.


Apply gamma correction: Enable it, if you want to change the intensity of each loded image. The default value is 1.00 (no change), the range is between 0.01 (extreme dark) and 6.99 (extrem bright). Use this option for viewing a photo series with to low or to high exposure. This option is especially useful on notebooks, which have been set to a lower display brightness for saving power in battery mode. With an appropriate value above 1.00 for the gamma correction, the images can be viewed nevertheless with their real brightness.


Gamma correction for BW images is activated by default and is used for setting the intensity of resampled black/white images. The default value is 0.50 (darker), the range is between 0.01 and 6.99.


Zoom step sets the factor/value for Zoom In and Zoom Out. The default is 10% increase or decrease each time you zoom the image. Type a number in the box to change this amount.


Zoom calculation sets the method how the zoom values are calculated. Relative: the next zoom value will be calculated using the current/previous zoom value and zoom step; Absolute: the next value will add/subtract the absolute zoom step to the current value; Fixed: the zoom values are taken from a fixed table of common/popular zoom values.


Show full file path in the title bar: Check it, if you want to see the full file path (incl. folders) in the main window title bar. Otherwise only the short name (file name + extension) is shown (default).


Use right mouse button for context menu: The right mouse button can be used for scrolling (default) or to show the context menu.


The next option is Center window when loading new image. Click this and each time you load a new image in the viewer, it will be centered on your desktop.


The next option is Remember the last window size/position. Click this and each time you open the viewer, it will be positioned on your screen where it was when you last closed it. This option works only if you use the following viewing options: ‘Fit images to window‘ or ‘Do not fit anything‘.


Main window color lets you define the background color of the main window of IrfanView. You can choose any color as background. Default is black.


Status bar text: you can set the text displayed in the status bar field on the right. Check this page for more infos about text possibilities.


Properties, Viewing