Properties, JPEG/PCD/GIF/GIF





If you want to auto-rotate JPGs according to they EXIF information (if properly saved), check the first option.

If you check Load as grayscale, ALL loaded JPGs are showed as black/white. Please remember if you activate this option!



Photo CD

This part allows you to choose the size at which Photo CD images are loaded. Click one of the option buttons to make your selection.




Two check-boxes allow special settings for GIFs. The first one controls animated GIFs. Default is Play animated GIFs. If you disable it, only the first image/frame is showed.


The second check-box handles the transparency of non-animated GIFs. Check it, if you want to Show transparency in non-animated GIFs too. Please remember if you activate this option! If your main window color (default: black) equals the GIF transparent color, in some cases, you will see just an empty (black) image. Either deactivate this option or use another window color in Properties->Viewing.


Properties, JPEG/PCD/GIF