Properties, File Handling




The first section allows setting a default directory for Copy operations. Type in a directory, or click the browse button to select one. If you activate the check-box Show Copy-Dialog below, IrfanView will show you a dialog with options before making any copies.


At second section you can set a default directory for Move operations. Activate the check-box Show Move-Dialog to have IrfanView show you a dialog with options before moving files.


The third section has several check-boxes that refer to delete operations.


You may choose:


If Ask me before deleting files is checked, IrfanView will ask for your permission before deleting files.

If Deleted files to Recycle Bin is checked, files will be sent to Windows Recycle Bin at delete.

If Jump to next file after deleting/moving is checked, the next file is automatically opened after execution of one of these actions.

If Close IrfanView after file delete is checked, IrfanView will exit immediately after deleting a file.



Display ‘Save’-Dialog for ‘File->Save’: When checked, clicking on Save will bring up the standard dialog, through which you can choose a directory in which to save the image. Uncheck the option and Save will resave an image in place of the original. Note that this is only for Save; clicking on Save As still brings up the dialog box.


Ask to overwrite for ‘Save’ and ‘Save As’: Checking makes the viewer ask permission before it destroys an old file in favor of a new one.


Ask to rename if incorrect extension: While loading a file which has had the name given an incorrect extension, IrfanView will ask permission to change it. If you uncheck this box, the viewer will load the file without making any changes.


If the option Don’t change directory index after file renaming is checked, the current directory index will be not changed if you rename a file, otherweise the index will be changed to the new position in the file list.


Properties, File Handling