Properties, Extensions




Here you choose which file types will be automatically associated with IrfanView.

Those files will show the viewer’s icon next to them in directories; double clicking the file name will launch the viewer, with the file already loaded. Click any of the check-boxes next to files you want to associate. If you want them all, click Select all. Clear all removes all associations. Images only associates the file types of all image formats supported by IrfanView with IrfanView.


At the bottom of the selections area is a box for entering other file extensions not listed. Click the box Other, then type in the extensions each separated by a |.


For all users: for Windows XP only, set extensions for all users; default: current user only.


If you activate Load only associated types while moving through directory you will see only files with associated extensions, if you move through a directory with space/backspace.


Hint: You can easily delete unwanted browse extensions, if you select and edit the Load custom file types option/field (e.g. remove TXT).


The option Add IrfanView to “Send To” shell menu inserts IrfanView in the “Send To” menu. The option Add “Browse with IrfanView” for Drives and Folders to shell menu adds IrfanView to the according menu for drives and folders.


Below the selections area is a box you can click to Use Thumbnails for BMPs. It is checked by default. Click it to remove the option.




The button Icons opens another dialog.


In the area of the Standard icons you can choose a different icon for all file types associated with IrfanView.


If Use different icons is chosen, than a different, format specific icon is associated to every file type supported by IrfanView. This option requires the installation of the PlugIn Icons, which is done at program installation.


Properties, Extensions