JPG Lossless Rotation




Note: JPG lossless operations are only available with PlugIn JPG_Transform. Download and install:



Note: This feature is available only, if you have loaded a JPG file.



Click on the Options Menu, then JPG Lossless Rotation. A dialog allows you to rotate, flip, optimize or clean one or many JPG files.


Note: You can process many JPG files, if you open the Thumbnails window and select several JPGs before you start this dialog.



Note: Lossless JPG operations like flip or rotate work only if the image height is a multiple of 16 (JPG specification). If this is not the case, unused image lines will be removed.



Note: Your original JPG file will be changed/overwritten!



Click Start to transform the loaded JPG or Cancel to exit.



JPG Lossless Operations