Click on the Options Menu, then Capture/Screenshot. A dialog allows you to capture portions of your screen.


Capture area:

Use the option buttons to capture from your Whole screen – all monitors, Whole screen – current monitor (monitor where mouse cursor is located !!!), a Foreground window, a Foreground window – Client area (window without caption, menu and status bar) or a Custom region/rectangle area (selected by the mouse after you press the Start button, or hotkey: CTRL + Print).


Capture method:

You can capture with a self-defined hotkey or use the automatic capturing. For automatic capturing set a timer value. The value will be the number of seconds apart the viewer will take “snapshots” of the screen or window. One hotkey is valid for the duration of current IrfanView session.


Capture options:

If you want to see the mouse cursor in your screenshot image, check Include mouse cursor option.


Saving method:

You can display each captured image in the main window of IrfanView or you can save it directly to disk.

If you use Save captured image as file, you can set:


Filename for images. You can set a fixed name, or use some time stamp patterns. Default is: capture_%d%m%Y_%H%M%S. This will generate a file name with a system time stamp, like “capture_29112005_123620″. %d = day, %m = month, %Y = year, %H = hour, %M = minute, %S = second.


Destination directory for images. Type in a directory path or use the Browse button to find the directory you want to use.


Save as box lets you choose which image format will be used to store the screens on your disk drive. Click the arrow and select one of the formats to change from the default JPG. The Options button brings up another dialog box with special options for certain file types. (Info: PNG is a very good format for most screenshots.)



Click Start to start capturing or Cancel to exit.


After start, the IrfanView window is minimized. Now use the defined hotkey (if hotkey capturing used) to capture any foreground/activated window or desktop. You can make several shots using the hotkey.


Note: Click again on the Options Menu and then Capture/Screenshot to stop any eventually started capture timer.