For images with 256 or fewer colors.


If you have a true color image, you can decrease the color depth in the Image Menu.



Edit palette

A dialog shows the colors at use in the image. Click any color for information about it. Double click to edit the color. Your changes will appear in the image. When you are satisfied, click OK to close the dialog.

Hint: if you click into the image (main window), the chosen color index will be selected in the palette entries.


This action can be reversed by the Edit Menu’s Undo command.



Export palette

A dialog asks you for destination file/directory. The palette will be saved as PAL file in Paint Shop Pro palette format.



Import palette

A dialog asks you for a PAL file (Paint Shop Pro palette). The palette will be applied to the image.

See also Properties, Browsing/Editing if you want to apply original palette 1:1 or look for nearest color.