Filter Factory




Note: Filter Factory is used as PlugIn, download and install:


Important note: IrfanView can’t read original Photoshop 8BF files, you must use 8BFs created with Filter Factory. You can find several such 8BFs at:



Click on the Image Menu, point the mouse at Effects and click Filter Factory. A dialog opens from which to control the (loaded) filter.


Parameters sliders control the filter. These will cause the filter to act more or less on the image. Usually, moving the slider to the right increases the action, to the left decreases. Default slider values resets the sliders to the default values defined by the author of the filter.


Filter groups help you keep track of them. The display shows the names of all groups available for use. You can add groups to the list or remove them.


Filters displays the names of the filters in the selected group. You can add filters to the list. Click one of the names to see that filter. The preview image shows what the image will look like, if you apply the filter. To use the filter, click Apply to image. This can be reversed using the button Undo filter or by the Edit Menu’s Undo command.


Add FF filter makes more filters available. A dialog box allows you to find the directory in which your filters are stored. Click the OK button after selecting the directory. All of the filter groups in that directory will be added to the list. Click Cancel to exit without changes.

Remove filter removes the selected filter from the list. To remove filters in larger numbers, use Remove group or Remove all groups. Removing a filter does not remove it from your hard drive, only from this list.


Filter info displays the filename, filter name, author name and copyright information for a selected filter. When you are done reading the info, click OK.


Thanks to … shows a message of thanks to Michael Johannhanwahr for the library provided for use with IrfanView.


When you have finished using the filters, click Exit.


Filter Factory