Color corrections




Click on the Image Menu, then Color corrections. A dialog appears with slider controls. Move the setting up or down, for more or less brightness / contrast / gamma / saturation and RGB balance.


Note: All of these effects can be used on a smaller portion (rectangle selection) of an image, as well as the entire image.

These effects are only available, if the PlugIn Effects is installed, which is done at program installation.


You’ll see the image change as you move the control. If you click on Apply to original image, the actual settings will be used on the original image, but aren’t already applied permanently to the image.


Click on Save values on exit if you want to save last used dialog/color values for the next image.



When you are satisfied, click OK. To quit without changing the image, click Cancel.


This action can be reversed by the Edit Menu’s Undo command.


Note: the dialog will remember last size/position.


Color corrections