How to start IrfanView slideshow from a CD?




1. Method: The easiest way is, if you have Windows XP (or later) or Nero Burning ROM (full or demo version) software installed:


1.1. Create and test (play) the slideshow in the Slideshow dialog.


1.2. Press in the slideshow dialog the button Burn to CD. (Note: The Burning/Nero PlugIn for IrfanView must be installed.)


1.3. Choose the burn option, Data-CD is default/recommended.


1.4. Insert empty CD-R/CD-RW in your burning device and burn it.


1.5. Done.




2. Method: Manual or special slideshow CD:


2.1. Copy IrfanView files into the root CD folder. (You can also copy an INI file “i_view32.ini” with your settings.)


2.2. Copy your images into the CD folder called e.g. “images“.


2.3. Create a TXT file (in slideshow dialog or using Notepad) with the names of the images. If your image files have names like “image1.jpg“, “image2.jpg“, etc. the TXT should look like this:






In each line is a file name with relative paths (relative to IrfanView, i_view32.exe).


Save the TXT file e.g. as “slideshow.txt” in the CD root folder.


2.4. Create the “autorun.inf” file (Notepad). Write in the file 2 lines:



open = i_view32.exe /slideshow=slideshow.txt


Save “autorun.inf“.


2.5. Done. Burn the CD using your burning software.


Slideshow from CD