On the File Menu, click Print.


A dialog appears with options for printing an image.


You can select the printer and the orientation on the left dialog side.


A preview shows how the image would look printed in Portrait or Landscape orientation.


Use the Printer setup button to change the paper size or other printer settings.



Option buttons select how the image will print.


Original size will print the image with original dimensions, calculated from image DPI. DPI of 72 is used for images without DPI information.

Note:        If the image is larger than paper size, only the visible part will be printed.


Best fit to page puts the image on the page as large as it can, without altering the dimensions/ratio.

Note: Aspect ratio IS used.


Stretch to page fills the print area, even if it has to resize one dimension.

Note: NO aspect ratio is used.


Custom allows you to print the image with specific size. Type in the desired values for width, height and left/top margin in cm or inches.

Note: The maximal image size is limited by the paper size, aspect ratio is used when activated. The width/height values are not auto-calculated for a new image, check/uncheck the Aspect ratio option or click in the desired field.


Scale fits the image on the page. Type in the desired change; 1.00 is original size.

Note: The maximal image size is limited by the paper size.



Click Center image to have the image printed in the center of the paper.


You can print the file name of the image or its path or an user defined text as head- and/or footnote.


You can also set the Number of copies.


Note: The preview image doesn’t show the paper’s un-printable area (depends on the printer). If you have an outline area selection (rectangle) in the original image, only the selected image area is printed.



Select options, then click Print.


Click Cancel to exit the Print dialog without printing, or when the job is done.