Click on the File Menu, then Open (or use the Open tool on the toolbar). A dialog allows you to open a file for use in IrfanView.


Use the Look in box to locate the file you want, or type a file name into File Name. Files of type lets you limit your choice, showing only the type of file you want (for instance JPG). The default is Common Graphic Files. (Note: Windows can’t display at same time all file types supported by IrfanView in one line of the list.)


If you check Preview active, a single click on an image filename will display a small version. Another click brings the file into the viewer. You can also double click the filename.


To close without opening a file, click Cancel. Another way to close is to click the X in the upper right corner.


After the opening, you will see an image or you will get an error message, if the file type is unsupported by IrfanView.


If you open a large image, you can use scrollbars to see all parts of the image. Scrolling is possible with the arrow keys and with the page up/down, home/end keys. Scrolling is also possible with the right mouse button: press the right mouse button and move the mouse arround.