Create custom crop selection




Click on the Edit Menu, then Create custom crop selection. A dialog allows you to create a special selection (outline rectangle) in the loaded image.


You can set the position, width/height and the aspect ratio of the selection.

If a selection is already showed in the image, the dialog values will be filled with the selection values.


You can also create a custom selection with mouse. Put the mouse cursor at one corner of the area you want to outline. Press the left button and hold it – mouse pointer is a double cross. Drag the mouse across and down (or up) to the opposite corner of the area you want outlined. A border appears as you drag the mouse. Release the button when you are done dragging.


To remove the selection, press left mouse button outside the outline rectangle (normal mouse pointer).


If you press the left mouse button inside the selected array (mouse pointer is a magnifying glass), you zoom into this area.


To resize the outline rectangle, put the mouse over the border line of the side you want modify. The mouse pointer changes to a thin double arrow. Press and hold left mouse button and drag the border. Press CTRL key during resize to keep the actual ratio of the selection.


If the buttons on your mouse are reversed, use the right button as described above.


If you want to change the position of the selection, press and hold right (or reversed left) mouse button inside the area. The mouse pointer changes to a cross of thin arrows. Drag the mouse until the outline has reached the new position you want and release the mouse button.


The pixel coordinates of the upper left corner, the dimensions in pixel and the aspect ratio of the selection is displayed on the title bar/caption.



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Create custom crop selection