Available keyboard shortcuts in IrfanView:


Key: Function:


+ Zoom In
Zoom Out
é Scroll image up
ê Scroll image down
è Scroll image right OR next image in directory
ç Scroll image left OR previous image in directory
Page Up Load previous file in directory OR scroll image up
Page Down Load next file in directory OR scroll image down
CTRL + Page Up Show previous page in a multipage image OR load previous file in directory
CTRL + Page Down Show next page in a multipage image OR load next file in directory
Space Load next file in directory
Backspace Load previous file in directory
SHIFT + Arrow Move selection rectangle


Browsing mode If CTRL pressed: increase or decrease file index by 5 (default: 1 = next/previous file), used for Space, Backspace, è,ç, etc.

                                If CTRL + Number (0 – 9) pressed, increase file index by Number (0 = 10, 1 = 1 etc.)

                                If CTRL + SHIFT + Number (0 – 9) pressed, decrease file index by Number (0 = 10, 1 = 1 etc.)


ESC Close actual window (main
window, slideshow, full screen, thumbnails or a dialog)
Enter Switch between Fullscreen and Window mode
TAB Switch between main and thumbnail window (if visible)
CTRL + TAB Control switch in the thumbnail window
Pause/Break Pause an automatic slideshow. Press this key again to resume the slideshow.
DEL Delete file
INSERT Paste image from clipboard
Home Scroll to begin (horizontal scroll) OR load first file in directory
CTRL + Home Load first file in the directory
End Scroll to end (horizontal scroll) OR load last file in directory
CTRL + End Load last file in the directory
F1 Help
F2 or F6 Rename file
F3 Show image in HEX viewer
F4 Append current file to current slideshow
F5 or U Refresh (display and directory list)
F7 Move file
F8 Copy file
F9 Start OCR PlugIn (on full image or selection rectangle)
F11 Show/hide mouse in Fullscreen/Slideshow mode
F12 Show Paint dialog


A “About IrfanView” dialog
B Batch Conversion/Rename
C Capture dialog
D Edit -> Delete
E Show EXIF dialog for JPGs with available EXIF data
F Switch (toggle) between ‘Fit images to desktop’ and ‘Fit window to image’
G Stop GIF or ANI animation
H Horizontal flip
I Show image information
K Filter Factory dialog
L Rotate left
M Minimize IrfanView window – Boss key IrfanView icon wink Hotkeys
N Toggle fullscreen/slideshow text display
O Open dialog
P Properties dialog
R Rotate right
S “Save as” dialog
T Thumbnails
V Vertical flip
W Slideshow dialog
X Browsing (window
or fullscreen mode): tag current file


CTRL + A Select whole image or Select all thumbnails (thumbnail window)
CTRL + B Open “Browse-Subfolders” dialog
CTRL + C Copy image to clipboard
CTRL + E Effects setup
CTRL + F Search files
CTRL + H Original size (no zoom)
CTRL + I Show IPTC dialog for JPGs
CTRL + K Adobe 8BF filters dialog
CTRL + M Open random image from the directory
CTRL + N Open current file in another IrfanView window
CTRL + P Print dialog
CTRL + Q Edit multipage TIF
CTRL + R Resample dialog
CTRL + S Save dialog
CTRL + T Edit -> Insert text into selection
CTRL + U Image -> Fine/Custom Rotation
CTRL + V Paste image from clipboard
CTRL + W Start slideshow with current directory files
CTRL + X Cut selection rectangle
CTRL + Y Crop selection rectangle
CTRL + Z Edit -> Undo
CTRL + number Browsing (window or fullscreen) mode: increase file index by number (0-9)
CTRL + Print Start capturing/screenshot in custom rectangle/region mode


SHIFT + A Start/stop automatic viewing (slideshow in window)
SHIFT + C Edit -> Create custom selection
SHIFT + E Open in external viewer/editor
SHIFT + F Fit only big images to desktop
SHIFT + G Enhance colors
SHIFT + J JPG lossless operations
SHIFT + L Lock/unlock zoom (also in full screen mode)
SHIFT + M Send image by email
SHIFT + N Create new image
SHIFT + O Fit window to image (1:1 display)
SHIFT + P Copy current filename to clipboard
SHIFT + Q Browsing (window or fullscreen mode): show tagged files in Thumbnails window
SHIFT + R Reopen file
SHIFT + S Sharpen
SHIFT + T Jump into the toolbar edit field
SHIFT + U Auto color correction
SHIFT + V Add canvas (Change canvas size)
SHIFT + W Fit images to window
SHIFT + X Browsing (window or fullscreen mode): un-tag current file
SHIFT + Y Red eye reduction


Alt + SHIFT + S Show/hide status bar
Alt + SHIFT + T Show/hide toolbar
Alt + SHIFT + M Show/hide menu bar
Alt + SHIFT + C Show/hide caption


CTRL + SHIFT + A Acquire/Batch Scanning
CTRL + SHIFT + J Lossless JPG crop
CTRL + SHIFT + M Show Comment dialog for JPGs
CTRL + SHIFT + L Lossless JPG rotation – to Left
CTRL + SHIFT + R Lossless JPG rotation – to Right
CTRL + SHIFT + C Set as wallpaper – centered
CTRL + SHIFT + T Set as wallpaper – tiled
CTRL + SHIFT + S Set as wallpaper – stretched
CTRL + SHIFT + P Set as wallpaper – previous wallpaper
CTRL + SHIFT + Y Auto crop borders
CTRL + SHIFT + number Browsing (window or fullscreen) mode: decrease file index by number (0-9)


CTRL + ALT + P Print image, hide print dialog (direct print)


1 Full screen mode: Show images/movies with the original size (1:1)
2 Full screen mode: Fit to screen: large images only
3 Full screen mode: Fit to screen: all images/movies
4 Full screen mode: Stretch all images/movies to screen
5 Full screen mode: Fit image width to screen width
6 Full screen mode: Fit image height to screen height


Numpad 5 Scroll image to center


Available mouse shortcuts in IrfanView:


Normal mode:


Left button click Show the mouse coordinates and pixel color in the window title (or zoom into selection)
Left button click + drag Make a selection rectangle
CTRL + Left button click + drag Resize the selection rectangle using the actual rectangle aspect ratio
Right button click + drag Scroll image in direction of drag. If within the selection, move the selection rectangle.
Left button double click Switch to full screen mode


Wheel up Load previous file in directory OR scroll image up
Wheel down Load next file in directory OR scroll image down
CTRL + Wheel up Zoom in
CTRL + Wheel down Zoom out


Full screen or Slideshow mode:


Left button click Load previous image in the directory
Right button click Load next image in the directory
Left button click … in the upper left or right screen corner = close full screen.
F Change/loop the full screen display/fit option
è Load next image in directory
ç Load previous image in directory
F11 Show/hide mouse


EXE Slideshow:


E Extract all files from EXE slideshow
T or N Show/hide image text
F Change/loop the full screen display/fit option
F1 Show help infos
F11 Show/hide mouse